Using the different big names in social media to to launch your campaigns and brand communication efforts can be very helpful in reaching the company’s users dwelling in social networking platforms. Social media campaigns also helps in bridging the company’s brands to your customers in a personalized fashion.

From strategy to planning, our social media strategists at Webbreez can help develop a campaign suited to your business goals, brand messaging and your intended market. We find social media campaigns an effective marketing tool that allows organization to engage and connect with users individually unlike the other online marketing efforts.

At Webbreez, we have this belief that social media marketing can be boosted by the company’s search engine optimization strategy. The best that both efforts can bring is better ranking of the company’s website in search engines and at the same time engaged users. The benefits are immeasurable in terms of increased volume of traffic and market share in the long run.

Social Media
Results oriented social media campaigns and targeted awareness outreach. 

Just getting started on Social Media?

Finding the sites for you
The social media world can be overwhelming and it is impossible to hold a valuable presence on every site out there.
We start by doing research surrounding your specific industry or product and finding your target market and where your customers have the most presence on social media.  We will then give your organization an existence on those targeted sites that will be most beneficial. 

We can provide you with a month’s worth of pre-generated posts and schedule of when to best post them to best reach your targeted customer base.

Top Influencers
We will use measurement tools to identify the top influencers in your market.  These will be the people who have the most awareness with the most users.  These people will have the largest following by the type of customer you are also trying to attract. 

Already started your social media presence?
If you already have a social media presence, or we just gave you one, we can start with targeted campaigns.  We will create and manage a campaign to target your customers, increase your likes or increase awareness of a specific product or your brand as a whole.  These campaigns can include promoted posts, facebook ads, Google ads, or general outreach to your followers.
We will give you baseline numbers and tools that will track the success of the campaign.  Every step of the process will be documented with numbers to show you the ROI of the campaign in real time.

If you’re looking to go even further

Facebook Fan Pages and App’s
We will create customized fan pages for your organization that can include apps such as quizzes, sweepstakes, games and more that will help get your customers involved and interacting with you on social media.