In today's fast paced and highly competitive business environments, every business house has their unique needs which need to be aligned with their business model. With our custom software development services, we assist companies to reduce the overall software development costs and enhance revenue growth.

We have, over a period of time, built an extensive competency in providing custom software development on Microsoft VB.NET. Our solutions designed on the .NET architecture remain a prime choice for companies since we design and develop systems using the Common Language Interface, mainly supporting the VB.NET and C# coding standards.

Our database expertise is wide ranging with extensive experience using Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Progress.

We effectively design databases and custom software to meet a wide range of needs. We also integrate custom solutions into otherwise canned packages, removing many of the limitations provided by canned solutions.

Many software applications today are ideal candidates for the web, but there are still many software applications that are better targeted as desktop or server based software applications for a variety of reasons. As such, we maintain a well-honed skillset in all the major software application development technologies.

The desktop and server platforms under which we develop and deploy software applications cover Microsoft Windows (Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista), Linux (Redhat, CentOS and other derivatives) and SCO Unix.

We additionally are experienced in developing software applications for multi-user platforms such as Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Linux/Unix.