How to customize your slideshow

You can create a custom slide show with only a selection of slides from the current presentation or all the slides but in a different order. To do this, click on the Custom Slide Show icon.

Click on New. Type in a slide show name, then select the slides for the custom slide show. You can change the sequence of the slides by clicking the up and down arrows. Click on OK to create the custom slide show.

How to start your slideshow

To start the slideshow presentation, go to the Slide Show tab, then click on the From Beginning button to start the slide show from the first slide. If you want to start from a particular slide, click on From Current Slide.

The slideshow will be on full screen, and you can scroll through each slide by clicking the mouse or moving the left and right keys on your keyboard. To end slideshow, click on the Escape button on your keyboard.

How to hide slides

If you will be using the same powerpoint presentation for a different audience and want to remove certain slides, you have the option to remove it from the slideshow without deleting the slide.

To do this, click on the slide you want to hide, then go to the Slide Show tab. Click on the Hide Slide icon. The slide will still appear in your power point file, but will not appear in the slideshow.

Adding notes to your slides

When you’re presenting, it’s a good idea to have a copy of your slides along with your notes. In the Normal view, you can add notes to each slide at the bottom part of the screen.

If you want a bigger view, click on the View tab, then the Notes Page icon. This will show you a half-page size view of your slide, and the box where you can type in your notes.

These notes are not visible during the slideshow.

Arranging Slides

You can easily change the order of your slides by clicking and dragging the slides in the left side bar. If you are working on presentation with several slides, it would be easier to arrange them when in the Slide Sorter view.

Click on the View tab, then the Slide Sorter icon. You will now see a thumbnail of your slides. Click and drag your slides to the order you want them.

Customizing slide transitions

You can further customize your slide’s animation by varying the speed of transitions or adding sounds for effect.

In the Animations tab, click on the drop down menu right beside Transition Sound. You will hear each sound as you hover over them. Similarly, you can change the speed by clicking on the menu right below. You can set the slide transitions to slow, medium or fast.

You can set these customizations to the current slide, or click on Apply to All to make it uniform.

How to add animation and transition

You can add animated transitions between the slides of your presentation to make it more interesting.

Click on the Animations tab, then click on the preset animations. The screen will automatically preview as you click on each transition.

How to customize your slide design

You can further customize the design of your presentation. One thing you can do is to change the background. You can change the preset background color of the design you picked by cliking on Background Styles within the Design tab.

You can also change the color scheme by clicking on Colors. Select the preset colors you want to replace the current, or you can create your own theme color by clicking on Create New Theme Colors. Select the colors from the drop down and once you’re done, type in the name of the color scheme then save.

Fonts can also be changed to your preference. When you click on the Fonts button, you are presented with a wide selection of fonts and combinations that you can use for your presentation. Likewise, you can create your custom Font Themes, by clicking on Create New Theme Fonts, then selecting the fonts you want to use for your headers and body. Type in a name and Save.

How to change the slide design

You can use preset design to make your slide look more professional. Click on the Design tab, then hover your mouse over the designs to see a preview.

Each design has its own color scheme and layout, so expect your slides to change as you switch between designs.

How to insert objects on Microsoft Powerpoint

You can add several objects to your presentation to make it more impressive. Pictures, clip arts, charts and videos are just some of the things you can add to your presentation.

To do this, click at the appropriate icon in your slide. You will be prompted to locate the file you want to insert. If you are inserting a chart, it will prompt the same dialogue box for inserting Charts in Microsoft Word.